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Read the Bible. Understand it.
Apply it. Make it a Habit.



“Love love love!!!!! … Life changing app!!!”

– App Review 5/30/16

“Love it! Made it a whole lot easier to dive into God’s word every day. It’s simple yet effective.”

– App Review 1/3/17

“My favorite app… It is the only app I use every day.”

– App Review 4/29/16

“This app has been critical in my spiritual growth.”

– App Review 9/8/16

“Perfect morning devotional! I had a hard time creating a Bible habit, but now I wake up excited to dive into God’s Word!”

– App Review 12/30/15

“LOVE! This is what I have been searching and waiting for for so many years.”

– App Review 9/30/15

TTW is a simple daily Bible habit that gives you…

Audio Guides for Every Chapter.
Bible on your screen – pastor in your headphones. Walk through all 1189 chapters in about eight minutes each, with clear explanation and compelling application from teachers you trust.
18 Epic Journeys Through the Bible.
The Bible can seem daunting – so Through the Word has broken it down into 90-day journeys, with a great balance between Old and New Testaments.
Your Own Daily Bible Journal.
Record your thoughts, questions, and insights in a private journal that is saved alongside each Bible chapter.
The Perfect Small Group Study Plan.
Journey Through the Word with your friends! Sharing is as easy as a text message. Send the link – we’ll take care of the rest. Daily time with God – weekly time together.
The Cure for Lost-in-Leviticus Syndrome.
Have you ever started a Bible reading plan, but got bogged down in Leviticus or Numbers? TTW’s simple plan keeps you moving, and our teachers even make the boring chapters interesting!
All Free & All Under 20 Minutes a Day!
Through the Word has no fees and no ads – and we never will. It fits a busy schedule, making it easy to listen on the road, while you work out, or whatever fits your daily routine.

Reviews for TTW v1 (2012-2017) are unsolicited. Find hundreds more five-star reviews in the app store and at