Switching Your Recurring Donation

Through the Word is migrating to a new payment processor.

The primary reasons for this are:

  • Cheaper Fees (Roughly 20% cheaper processing fees!!!)
  • Stronger Security
  • Simple and Robust interface and integrations that can grow with us

Please see below for simple instructions on how to move over your recurring donation. As always we are extremely blessed and thankful for your generous giving, God Bless.

How to create a new recurring donation on Church Center

  1. Go to https://ttw.churchcenter.com
  2. Enter your recurring donation details
  3. Enter your Email
    1. Enter your Name if you do not have an account
  4. Enter your payment method – Select “Start Giving”

How to cancel your existing recurring donation on Mogiv

  1. Go to https://app.mogiv.com
  2. Login with your current credentials
  3. Dashboard:
    1. Select “Scheduled Gifts” – Click
    2. Select “Remove” recurring gift.
      1. Review confirmation message

Please let us know if you have any problems and we will get them fixed ASAP!